Recent Projects

CPB Contractors M1 motorway, Central Coast NSW. Slipforming RMS SO drain on no-fines bed.

Gomaco Slipform RMS SO Drain. CPB NSW

Slipforming Concrete Curb NSW

Acciona - Sydney Light Rail. Elsholz with Drainage Slots on top of concrete track slab. October 2018 (Below)

Slotted Elsholz Kerb

Elsholz Kerb with Drainage Slots

Lend Lease - NorthConnex M1 to M2 Sydney - Scab-On Nearside Elsholz Kerb and Gutter directly attached to asphalt edge. Also available with 45mm upstand for new asphalt layer. Night works. Oct 2017 (Below)

CPB Contractors (Leighton) M4 Sydney – Scab-On S.O Drain directly attached to asphalt with 45mm up stand for new asphalt layer. Night works. May 2017 (Below)

DiPrinzio – Kerb on concrete slab with dowels – Valentine – May 2017

Elsholz – Burton – Schofields Oct 2016

Trief Kerb – Lilyfield June 2016

Elsholz Kerb at Huntlee – KCE (Keller Civil). March 2016​​​

Newcastle Airport – KCE. Dec 2015

Maitland Railway Station Carpark – BMD Constructions. Nov 2015

Kerb on concrete over dowels, Shore Hire, Beresfield – Centurion Civil. Oct 2015 [kerb hunter valley]

Thornton Entranceway – KCE (Keller Civil)
Challenges on job included working in an uneven and narrow road shoulder, and minimal falls. (see below).

Road reconstruction, Millfield – Cessnock City Council [Kerb for Cessnock Council]

Carpark, Cardiff – Bowsmark Earthmoving

Quest apartments, Newcastle – DiPrinzio Concreting

Kerb on concrete over dowels, Cardiff – Poppi Concreting

Sewerage plant, Shortland – Gleeson Civil